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Einstein Debunked in 2020

Totally FREE Health Care

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What do you think about totally free health care. Of course many can say there is nothing free in this world, someone must pay for it. So I will tell how it worked in USSR (Soviet Union). They had totally free health care from treating a simple flue to treating cancers and operations on heart etc, and it was not insurance based. The free health care service included free dentist service too. Anyone could walk into a clinic and get treated for free. No one in the clinic even asked if you had a job or not. If you were on a vacation in another city it worked the same way. Who did pay for the free health care? The thing is that the state itself ran their own businesses. In Soviet Socialism the government worked. In fact the state itself was a big corporation, the only corporation in the country, where all people were wage workers including the government itself and had salaries. The goal of the state (corporation) was to provide everyone with a job (unemployment was 0%) not make profit, and make life a better place for all. Since all profit from the businesses in the country went to the state it had enough money to pay salaries to the doctors to provide free health care for all people, to the construction workers who built free apartments for people (private houses were not given for free, you could buy, sell, swap them), to the teachers in schools and universities to provide free education. Housing was a human right in USSR (apartments), the state gave the apartments to people for free for life. You could not buy or sell them but you could swap them to any city in the country and even in another republic. In other words, free health care, free housing free education and a job all were basic human rights. In the societies created by monarchs (queens, kings, princes, czars etc) - slavery, feudalism, capitalism - the goal of the state is take money from people (taxes) to enrich themselves, even if you have your own business you must pay taxes, plus you have no free housing, free health care, free education, and after you finish your studies you cannot even find job in many cases. In USSR the state guaranteed a job to every student, any graduate of the the university or school. The problem was they lived under a constant threat from the capitalists who saw Socialist society as a threat to their capital (money), that is why USSR had to have enough arms, so a lot of money was spent on the military. So with this message I wanna say that there are many ways how to create a better society that we live in now. We must not believe the money owners and the wage workers owners who say that's impossible. We launch space ships to other planets and the moneybags tell us that its impossible to create a better society and that only slavery, feudalism and capitalism can work on our planet. And that all other systems are our enemies. Yes they work great for them and the power elites. But what about us, wage workers? Even ants have free health care, and free health service. Ain't we are more stupid than ants? With this post I wanna show that its possible to have free health care. All we need is to have the will and desire to have it. From my point of view any illness is a disaster in human body, it happens in any human being. Its like an earthquake in our body. Would you ask for money from people to help them at the time of the earthquake?  What do you think?

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