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commercial product , its a private business conduct , limiting humanity with limited environments to limit functionality of human senses

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.... there is interesting secret engineering  business going own , .... for thousands years or more , ...... by advertising they told you that it is great and that it is  fine ,....... but you have to read and see across all those limits and across all the borders to read the sign ,..... sign of time  ,.....   cosmic space is naturally infinite  but time is commercial product , time is border , time is  limit , .......   time is banksters business ,  organized  corruption it is ,   time is  crime ,  ......  come on everybody clap your hands ,  can you get a rhyme  ,......... first they did  limit journalist Khashoggy and bordered Asange  too ,..... and now theres are  limits and the borders around  all of you ,  ....... Welcome to Orwelian  monitoring crew ,........ Big Brothers Robots Military  and Uranium dropped on   You ,........ Nano Virus Corona attack  on Humanity by United Slaveowners Nazi  NATO terror runned by unelected  intellectually outdated crimi oligarchy extraterrestrial imperial vampirial genetic priority  few .

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