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How in the world is this global plan being coordinated?

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9 hours ago, ink said:

This is for @Phil .... who has been on today ....


I reported myself to the moderation team and the feedback I got was that I am being somewhat of an 'arse' within this thread and to stop it!


So fine I shall.


If I have offended you by my harsh and abrupt replies .... I apologize.


Now as a moderator .... If you wish this thread to be 'cleaned' of off topic posts and just leave the wanted replies .... let either me or another mod know?


Oh ...ink, u reported urself and took feedback and accepted it? My eyes are tearing. 


Phil...it is a stressful time.for everyone...and jr questions are valid...except that the answers lie here in the thousands of posts already discussed...like the corona virus mega thread. I went through hundreds of pages  before i posted here and researched  the questions that arose i  response to the answers i sought ,for years.before i visited this site. It does become a bit frustrating when the task is huge and one just keeps being taken round and round in circles instead of moving forwards...atleast it does to me..and that one of the intentions or the orchestrators of these games - stuck minds and energies - and hopeless and helpless.


And ur absolutely right, its not an easy task on the mind and time too to get throught the truth, put up with the war between it and our reality and to move to the next step...and most of us have been kept  very  very  far away from the destination...its a never ending process really...so buckle.ur seatbelts for this long journey...there will be many many bumps and blocks ahead.


My advice is - go to the corona virus mega thread... start from the start or backwards from the end is more preferable. And post ur queries based on the info u receive. Also check other web sites, similar and dissimilar...its a must...and then come to ur own conclusions and repeat from that point forwards again.


orif ur already hurt by the comments in an irremidiable (my own word) manner, then u can still continue ur research without being a member - its all still accessible to non members.

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