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hpv vaccine roll out for boys

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On 4/21/2019 at 12:01 PM, silverback said:

What justifies giving it to men is that it will:


a) Prevent men giving it to women

b) Men giving it to men.

c) Prevent non-sexually transmitted HPV becoming a sexually transmitted one.


If you want to prevent women getting sexually transmitted HPV related cancers then it would be pretty dumb not to give men a vaccine that would prevent them getting the virus and transmitting it. Which part of that is difficult? You do not get herd immunity by only immunising half of the herd.


You asked for links. I gave you them. I don't see you refuting them, just going "lalalala not listening". Tell me why I should believe a pro-disease website in preference to those written by experts in the field and medical professionals?


Try doing some research on HPV related head and neck cancers, because let me tell you that if I'd had the choice between a few quid's worth of injection in the arm and 7 weeks of chemo and radiotherapy, 7 months off work, the loss of my salivary glands and a chunk of my sense of taste and 4 operations at God knows what cost to the taxpayer see if you can take a wild stab in the dark as to which one I'd have chosen.



What about  A-sexual males?

Have they just got to take it anyway and be done with it? Fucking men!!


"c) Prevent non-sexually transmitted HPV becoming a sexually transmitted one."

How can it not be a sexually transmitted virus, if its a sexually transmitted virus?

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