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The end of the internet wild west

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2 hours ago, MrA said:

So more of the same then ? 


Setting people up for a fall but this year we supposedly get the nice guys who will help to counter the evil ruskies 


Does.anyone remember stuxnet and where that came from ? 


well there was stuxnet and flame and they were so expensive to create that it was publically understood that it must have come from a country


It was deployed against iranian nuclear facilities


They came from israel which itself is just part of the wider freemasonic empire that also has its claws around the balls of america and the UK

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On 7/20/2019 at 10:22 AM, The Apprentice said:


I like to call it pre-cessional, because everything comes around again eventually.


Luddites tend to throw out the good bits from modernity instead of keeping them in a drawer to be opened as and when, bottle the bath water and use it later model.


My creations are like the many thousands of roads that Lenin talked about and said, "That we were never to be reminded about", shortly I will be making something to save my physical energy and get ten fold back, keep looking into my blog and it will be born soon.


I will blow trumpet for once, my creations have already "saved us" the retail therapy of over 20K this year alone, I have already shown them to everyone, and there are lots more planned.






Apart from the base and the stainless beads, I had all the other parts within my scrap boxes to make this, it is a 4D scientific manipulation pantograph that I designed around an older device, made to fit my own purpouses, it is for the artificial insemination/manipulation of queen honey bees to breed disease resistant strains, to buy its counterpart today would cost well over 6K, the total costs to me in making it was fifty quid over five months, if I was working as an engineer it would take me over two years to save up to buy such a device.



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