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The Global Boarding School system. Ban it.

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I am including a link about the illuminati whore Dulce Maria de Barros Marchi Packard  whose daughter Antonia whent to Marlborough College and was "brought in" to the cicrle of the British Royal Family. Marlborough College is an illuminati hub for bio programming and psy conditioning;






WEALTHY landowners are suing a leading Capital property consultant after its bookkeeper ran off with their cash, the Evening News can reveal. Matthew Varley, 44, admitted earlier this month embezzling more than £221,000 over five years from sporting estates handled by CKD Galbraith.
George Street-based Galbraith repaid stolen money but now three of its clients are coming after the firm for nearly £1m plus expenses claiming more is owed, breach of contract and poor record keeping. Papers lodged at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on behalf of the clients read: “Since the fraud came to light the defender has restored some of the pursuer’s funds.

“The pursuer believes and avers that there is a shortfall between what the defender has and should have paid.” Varley admitted siphoning off the money from estates into bank accounts in his and his wife’s names between 2010 and 2015 before cooking the books to cover up his crime. Blaming a drinking and gambling problem as well as depression, he pled guilty to embezzlement and will be sentenced next month. He quit Galbraith’s Inverness office in June 2015 after which discrepancies were found and clients told of the fraud. 

Inverness Sheriff Court heard that Galbraith rumbled Varley’s scam after finding account entries with no supporting paperwork and made-up invoices. Sheriff David Sutherland was told by defence lawyer Matthew O’Neill that all the funds had since been repaid after his client sold a property in London. The three clients pursuing Galbraith look after some of the most prestigious sporting estates in Scotland. They include Dulce Maria de Barros Marchi Packard – who lives in a plush Belgravia townhouse and owns the Mayshiel Estate in East Lothian.

Brazilian-born wife of late financier Fred Packard, she is pursuing Galbraith for a potential £260,000 in total.

It consists of £130,000 plus another £130,000 if they fail to produce accurate statements relating to her account to prove how much was stolen. Her daughter, Antonia, graduated from Edinburgh University and had a rumoured fling with Prince Harry before he met wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Another is Millden, a grouse shooting range in Angus bought by investment banker Richard Hanson in 2004. Millden is pursuing Galbraith for a potential £260,000 in total. The third client is Leadhills Sporting in Lanarkshire – pursuing Galbraith for a potential £460,000.

A spokesman for Galbraith said: “As was stated in recent criminal proceedings in Inverness, a former member of staff pled guilty to embezzling money from client accounts. These actions were discovered by the firm and reported to the police. It is the firm’s position that those clients affected were fully reimbursed by us for the sums embezzled when we uncovered the theft. In view of ongoing proceedings, it would be inappropriate to comment further.” Both Frederick Street-based lawyers Balfour and Manson, acting for the three pursuers, and their clients refused to comment. 




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Going back to the issue of Dulwich College and its Morphic Resonance Field, here is a video from the show Ghost Adventures. They travel to a historical boarding school in Idaho where a large number of children killed themselves. Such was the horrific nature of the school , there is a heavy negative energy and "presence" at the site. Ghost Adventures is... an acquired taste. The host can be quite annoying, but there is a psychology to that to get a response from the entities.


A good advert for the bulldozing of every single boarding school in Britain and Europe.





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I don't know whether you should close them all down but I do agree that a good majority are used by certain malevolent organizations,to bring the next generation of arseholes into the fold so to speak ,  


On a side note ,you obviously know the work of Nassim Harrimen, with regards to your user name

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The boarding school system claims another victim;








Students have been offered counselling after the sudden death of a teenager at a top Perthshire boarding school.

Emergency services were scrambled to Strathallan School, near Forgandenny, just after 7am on Monday. Neighbours reported several police cars with blue flashing lights “racing” through the village.

Police Scotland confirmed that the teenager’s death was being treated as “unexplained” and a full investigation is now under way.

A spokeswoman for the school said: “Strathallan School can now confirm that the emergency services have been dealing with a death at the school.

“We offer our heartfelt condolences and support to the family and all others affected.”

She said: “The chaplain and chapel are available all day for anybody in need of support.

“We are unable to comment further at this time.”

The youngster’s details have not been released.

A Police Scotland spokesman added: “We were called around 7.20am on Monday to a school near Perth, following the death of a teenager.

“The death is being treated as unexplained. Inquiries are ongoing and a report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.”

Locals said several police vehicles attended at the school. One resident said: “It looked like a full scale emergency.

“I counted five cars racing past me with their blue lights on.”

He said: “What has happened is just heartbreaking.”

Almond and Earn councillor Henry Anderson said: “This is an absolute tragedy. My heart goes out to the teenager’s family and friends.”

Fellow ward councillor and depute provost Kathleen Baird added: “My thoughts are with not only the family, but with staff and pupils at the school. They will have been like a second family to this person, and this will have been absolutely devastating news for everyone.”

The fee-paying school is home to more than 550 boarding students, from ages nine to 18.

Last week, it welcomed a group of students from Indonesia as part of an international exchange programme.

The school, set in more than 153 acres of land, was opened in 1913 and has a staff of more than 100.

Its alumni includes champion golfer Colin Montgomerie, former British jump jockey Peter Niven and radio presenter Jim Gellatly.





It goes without saying; Strathallen School needs bulldozed and razed to the ground. It is a nasty repulsive satanic institute that should not exist in the 21st Century. Also keep in mind that the school had a heavy culture of bullying (https://outline.com/9Xx2tN). Burn it down to the ground!!



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The suicide of a Russian Banker's daughter who was sent to boarding school.....








A TEEN violin prodigy was found hanged in the bathroom of her millionaire dad's £9.5m mansion after a night out with pals, an inquest heard.

Tragic Ekaterina Tsukanova - daughter of Russian banker Igor Tsukanov - was found dead at the Kensington pad in June this year. 

Westminster Coroner's Court heard how she was found by her brother when he tried to use the toilet the following morning - and found her body blocking the door.

She had returned at 3:30am from a night out, and was found dead just eight days before a performance at the Royal Opera House.

Her therapist, Tanya Lecchi, told the inquest that Ekaterina, a student at £12,600 per team Wycombe Abbey independent girls' boarding school in Buckinghamshire, went through "dark periods."

She said: "When she was low her motivation was affected and became pre-occupied with negative and self doubting thoughts."

Recording a verdict of misadventure, Dr Shirley Radcliff said: "This is a young girl who clearly had some psychological problems.






Edited by Tetragrammaton

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So all the bloodline/Satanist families in Scotland must be laughing. The increase in fees for boarding their damaged children at Scottish boarding schools is a very effective piece of social engineering.








It costs £29,925 a year to send a child to the college as a day pupil for three terms, or one academic year. Boarder fees are higher still at £36,495 per academic year.

Gordonstoun School in Moray closely follows, with day fees set at £29,850 for three terms. The school's boarder fees are greater than those at Fettes College at £41,250 for a child in year 12 or 13.

Edinburgh Steiner School fees are the lowest in the country at £8,744 for a full year.

Introduction of taxes in 2020

It was confirmed in December 2019 that independent schools in Scotland would face new taxes when they lose their charitable status relief.

The change means that schools won't receive a relief of up to 20% on bills for non-domestic rates.

Affected schools warned that they could be hit by a £37m bill in the first five years of the system.

Full list of independent school fees in Scotland

All fees listed are for one academic year of study.

Schools have been listed in order of day fee costs - some schools may hold higher boarding fees than higher ranked schools.

2. Gordonstoun School Day fees: £29,850 Boarder fees: £41,250

5. Glenalmond College Day fees:£24,000 Boarder fees: £36,900

6. Strathallan School Day fees: £23,532 Boarder fees: £34,650

10. St Leonard’s School Day fees: £15,474 Boarder fees: £37,452

23. St Margaret’s School for Girls Day fees: £13,230

26. Lomond School Day fees: £12,750 Boarder fees: £29,500

30. Mary Erskine School and Stewart’s Melville College Day fees: £12,423 Boarder fees: £24,927

35. Edinburgh Steiner School Day fees: £8,744



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do you want kids of the eleet mixing with the masses?

not really.

let the eleet damage their own kids.



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Review reveals scale of abuse scandal at St Pauls boarding school in Barnes London.







An inquiry into allegations of sexual abuse at a leading private school for boys has revealed that more than 80 complaints have been made by former pupils against 32 members of staff covering a period spanning six decades.

An independent serious case review was set up almost three years ago to look into a proliferating number of abuse allegations at St Paul’s school in Barnes, south-west London, after five former members of staff were convicted of sexual offences.

The findings of the review, published on Monday, reveal for the first time the full scale of the allegations. In total, 59 former pupils or their families were interviewed as part of the inquiry and a number of new claims have been passed on to the police for investigation.


The majority of complaints date from the 1960s to the 1990s, but some of the staff implicated were working at the school up until 2017. While the review focused on St Paul’s, its 28 recommendations are intended to inform practice more broadly and address what it describes as gaps in the national safeguarding system.

“St Paul’s is unlikely to be different from many other institutions of its time,” the report states. “We should not judge response of the school in the past by today’s standards, but equally we should not forget that for some ex-pupils, the abuse that took place affected their school life and has continued to haunt them through adulthood.”

St Paul’s is one of the most high-profile independent schools in the country and has been attended by the likes of the former chancellor George Osborne, the fertility expert Robert Winston, the foreign correspondent John Simpson and the historian Dan Snow. Termly fees are £8,636 and boarding costs £12,997.


According to the 112-page review, at times sexual abuse appears to have been “known and tolerated by staff” at the school. The report includes details of allegations from the 1960s of boys being made to swim naked in the school pool and pupils having to remove their trousers for private caning.

The regime was described as “sadistic” and “brutal”, with physical violence when boys were struggling academically. Pupils were most at risk of sexual abuse from teachers who were friendly and seen as “cool” and who portrayed themselves as the “good guy”. One convicted abuser socialised with the rowing team in the pub; another invited boys for sherry in his study on Sundays.

The report describes grooming behaviours and “blurred boundaries” in the 1970s and 80s, with teachers buying alcohol for pupils and inviting them to their homes. One former pupil who was abused over an 18-month period said: “Once you have been groomed, when the individual strikes it is too late to get away either physically or emotionally.”

Ex-pupils told the inquiry there was a protective culture among staff and a fear that if you spoke out it would be held against you. One parent went further, saying that speaking out was impossible if you wanted to remain at the school.

The report details further physical violence in the 80s and 90s, including a teacher dragging a pupil around the classroom and throwing him out of the door and another dangling boys out of windows by their ankles.

Questions were also raised in the review about the rigorousness of recruitment practices at the school. One member of the PE team was found during the course of police investigations to have a previous conviction for gross indecency against a 15-year-old boy.

The report also details some of the consequences of the abuse. One pupil who was emotionally abused and humiliated between 2003 and 2005 experienced mental ill-health as an adult and killed himself while at university.

Since 2000 there have been four allegations of sexual abuse. Pupils and parents have become increasingly confident about speaking about abuse and the school has become increasingly aware of its responsibilities.

“We accept full responsibility for the past abuse experienced by pupils at the school and have previously apologised to survivors and our wider school community,” a spokesman for St Paul’s said.

“Today we repeat that apology unreservedly to those who have come forward and to those who have not felt able to. Our modern safeguarding regime is of a very high standard and we are determined to ensure, through continuous improvement of practice, that we never forget the lessons of our past.”

Chris Robson, the chair of the Richmond safeguarding children’s board, said: “I am grateful to the independent reviewers, professionals that worked with them and most importantly those who contributed, often giving very personal and difficult accounts. Through this process we have been able to understand what happened, why it happened and what it means for safeguarding practice going forward.”





Even worse is that the bastards are STILL advertising for children. Why is that school not been shutdown and bulldozed to the ground?!   (https://www.stpaulsschool.org.uk/admissions/boarding/)



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