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Vancity Eagle

Escalation with Iran

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I find it humerous to note the  iranian drone tech is based on us tech after iran captured a us drone a few ywars back.

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I've been speaking to my local friends here in a very conservative area of the States.  If the neocons do this, there is going to be a large number of Americans who will become very, very agitated.  The neocons are overplaying their hand and nice to see more of my countrymen beginning to catch on to them.  At one point, they had me fooled so there is hope.  

We still have to be very careful here.  Neocons are vindictive, vicious and warmongering dogs. However, the ranks of Americans who are getting sick of this never ending "war" are growing in number by the day.  Once critical mass is reached, look out below.   Cities in the US will one day give the streets of Mumbai a run for their money if we keep to this path.

How many proven false flags does it take to teach people that neocons are lying sacks of dung?

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