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Russian David Icke about real nature of reality

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There's a russian healer called Nikolay Levashov, that tells about what he found out about reality.

When he increased his natural abilities to percieve the parallel realities.

He found out what is the real nature of magnetic field and energy that all the matter is made of... 

And he made a new knowledge (science) about everything, that was known by the ancient civilizations that made all the giant architectural structures that we can find all over the world.

He is also known in USA cause he moved there in 90s from Russia for 15 years.

He wrote some books about what he found out and they are all online and free (never been sold) that are on his site if you google his name (i dont put the links, cause it may block)

English site is avaliable there.

You will learn so much real information that you never can get anywhere else.

I tell you that because it totally worth it and this is the right place to talk about that kind of information, and you may never know about it in the english internet.


"This site contains Knowledge, a unique Knowledge that until now was not available for those who wish. This Knowledge is about numerous mysteries of Life, a structure of the Universe, Spirit, Mind and many other things... All books, publications and pictures presented on this site, reveal Knowledge about principles of the origin of the Universe itself and Life in it, laws of rise of thinking and consciousness and many other things"


Also there you can read about his experiment with the standart plants, that became giantic and continuing to grow even in the winter time... pictures included.









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Scientific skeptics have written about Levashov and his healing practice. Michael Shermer published an article in Skeptic[2] saying that B. Koopman trusted Levashov because he allegedly cured her friend, actress Susan Strasberg, who had cancer. Nonetheless, in January 1999 Strasberg died of cancer.

Another case is that of Elisabeth Targ's death. A well-known psychologist who believed in psychics, she was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme in her 40s; radiation therapy was prescribed. Targ consulted practitioners of alternative medicine including Levashov. As Po Bronson writes,[1] her bedroom turned into a circus. Healers from everywhere showed up… There was a Lakota sun dancer who burned sage; Nicolai Levashov, a Russian psychic who waved his hands; an acupuncturist with rare Chinese herbs; an energy worker who used methods of the Miwok peoples”. Levashov claimed he cured the cancer and persuaded Targ to stop radiation therapy. She became worse, but Levashov insisted it was not the cancer but some necrotic tissues. In three weeks Targ died from glioblastoma. This story was published in Wired and was used in an article by Vic Stenger for the Skeptical Briefs.[14]

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