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andromeda strain

Spas... what is worse germs or toxins?

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I don't have a spa (hot tub) but someone very close to me does and I'm concerned. There are germs (bacteria) in the spa water that can cause skin issues, so you add chlorine or bromine to kill the germs, but then those compounds are also bad for you. Which is worse? Is the "cure" worse than the disease? This person doesn't use the spa that much, so it sits closed with all that bromine sealed up, and when I open it, it smells so strong and is actually eating away at the inner layer of the spa cover. They don't so much "overdose" the bromine tabs, Just wish they would open it up a few times a day, run the pump and "air it out", but they won't listen (so paranoid about the germs) I finally got them to drain the spa and put fresh water... that helped so much, but now the bromide is building up again. I won't go in the damned thing... even the fumes mess with my respiratory system. By the way, this person has mild skin cancer, but my research doesn't specifically show bromine to be the cause.

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