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The Trigger: The Lie That Changed the World

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2 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


Certainly it would seem that the 9/11 topic has been done to death, so unless he indeed has some new ground-breaking theories, I fear this book will just be a 'rehash' or updating of his previous 'Alice In Wonderland...' book but putting into context events that have happened since then.


The worst-case scenario is that with the book due to be published on 1st September, anything that he might have been trying to warn us about - namely the Iran situation - might have already happened.


Pieces of a puzzle appear to be being put into place - the threat of direct US action against Iran seems to have been scaled down, but then again the seizing of UK flagged tankers could also be leading us somewhere, some kind of 'provocation'. However at the moment, the UK government is in some kind of 'limbo' as we await to see who the next British Prime Minister will be.


That is looking like it will be suspected Zionist Boris Johnson, so once he is in 'power' who knows where this will all end up leading.


Can we look forward to some kind of 'false flag' terror attack being staged in order to provoke the UK government into taking 'stern action' against Iran? And if so, is it not likely that the UK would need to seek assistance from its "special ally" the USA, due to its own depleted Armed Forces being unable to 'fight' the Iranian 'threat'?


And of course, with the UK supposedly trying to extricate itself from the EU via 'Brexit', could a 'conflict with Iran' be perfect distraction material?


A lot can happen in a short space of time, so all I'm saying is that by the time this book is published, its contents could all be a moot point.

I do see what you are saying, but I truly believe the info in this new book is going to rattle the establishment to the core... so much so that I am reluctant to be going to the books release conference/show.. who knows what might happen. I do want to go though

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On ‎6‎/‎20‎/‎2019 at 10:00 PM, Stride said:

He needs to break some new ground, this material has been done to death. 

I wish david would do an in depth history of the world, something like 'secret history of the world' but better, and with his own edge.


Robot's Rebellion / ATTSSYF

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As I wrote elsewhere on another post , I suspect D.I. stumbled into the work of people like Ace Baker and Dimitri Khalezov...if he did I hope he gave them the credit they deseve....

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