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Shalom aleichem,


It is essential to know the name A. R. Bordon to understand the involvement of the U.S. government with “aliens,” and the true nature of the “aliens” infesting our world. Dr. Bordon was the head of the secret Lockheed Martin Skunkworks, Reverse Engineering Division. Dr. Bordon became head of the Labyrinth Group, and was the only person with a security clearance of 15.


The Labyrinth group is a top secret group of humans with various skills who thought they were exchanging information with “aliens” from another world. The “aliens” (as they portrayed themselves) were, in fact, degenerated humans who lost their own worlds and need to use ours, and others, to survive.


Dr. Bordon was intelligent, but there are some things in life that even the most intelligent of people are unprepared for, and when he first came face-to-face with entities who were biologically very different from humans he was stumped. He had never seen such strange beings before, but he knew they were not native to the Earth. They greeted Dr. Bordon with wide smiles and glib lies, and he had no reason to suspect they were lying about their origins.


They told Bordon they were “Anakim,” which in the bible (Anaqim) are referred to as Terrorists. These fallen humans were forced to live in outer space (The Pit of Outer Darkness / Hell of scripture) where they degenerated to a form that was sterile and could not tolerate light. The Anakim/Annunaki degenerated to a chalk white, weak, spindly form; other fallen factions include Reptilians-- but they are all the same fallen, degenerated outcasts seeking other worlds to continue their cloned existence.


I encourage everyone to do their own research and decide these matters for themselves. Many of the following posts were uploaded years ago and may have been deleted since then.


Further explanation follows about Bordon, the Labyrinth Group, the Nephilim, Anakim (Annunaki), and other fallen races, and how these diabolical beings are out to control the world and enslave us. There is a lot of information there, which you might want to save for future reference.


If, and when, this material becomes meaningful to you, please SHARE it everywhere you can.



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