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Give Me One Good Reason Why The Cabal Shouldn't Be Attacking you

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16 hours ago, ink said:


Fine David....Sorry


I just find it all of no actual matter anymore....Crom asked about 'gods' and I gave a list of over 300 human made 'gods' and asked which Crom was referring to....the answer was "The highest. The oldest. The best. The first"....which is meaningless crap!

The question....Which God?....Answered NOT.


Pathetic....and I am meant to care about those as yet unborn? Those who will never become as an individual....soaked back up by the no thing and redistributed into another potential, never having a self?


It is not for you, me or anyone else to care about those who simply do/will not help themselves by interaction, if someone asks for your help, then if possible it is always good to do so, not doing so when humanly possible shows our own deep routed insecurities.


This the elite are also absolutely vulnerable without the rest of the planet, her cyclical nature and wherewithall.


This is how it has always been and always will, and while we travel through space and or time in spirals we must follow, go with the flow of this energy, we have no choice but to follow, but we can make the very best of our given atributes, our hand to eye coordination, to make the very best and convert what comes for free from inside of this apple island travelling through space.

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13 hours ago, rooey said:

inK       .. have you ever done much special K ? If you haven't please excuse such a question and I apologise 
not meaning to insinuate you're a druggy, there's just something about what you write that gives me vibes similar to some people who take K and philosophise 


excuse my ignorance ,but what is special K apart from a breakfast cereal?

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5 hours ago, peter said:

excuse my ignorance ,but what is special K apart from a breakfast cereal?


A tranquilliser that can give strong hallucinations..usually used on horses and clubbers 

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5 hours ago, ilimmu said:


A tranquilliser that can give strong hallucinations..usually used on horses and clubbers 

after I thought about it for awhile ,that's what I thought it must be . I'm not a clubber so I guess I'm safe

Kind regards Peter


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On 7/9/2019 at 2:09 AM, ink said:


Why? What is the point of doing such?


Crom is a human....and cannot even accept the limitation defined by the drama which he inhabits!


Thus there is zero possibility of his advancement within this field or realm. If he chose to 'interact' with his physical forms narrative and began to re-describe it via his will....then there would be a possibility of 'birth' into the greater realms.......but this cannot be told nor enforced.


I cannot tell you....you would not believe me and that is correct....you must change the dramatic narrative which has been predefined.


It is not my right, nor my responsibility, to 'change YOUR PERCEPTION AND INTERACTION.


Would you, David, have me post regarding such things?....To spend time trying to change another?....Not my right.


What is Reality? No really WHAT IS IT?


Main stream science states that it is 8 seconds away from your MASS consideration! MSS is full of shit lol.


Lets start....although I doubt anyone will spend their time ....


Listen (27mins). Waste of time me asking for this to be heard and it is wrong anyway....but is a start....



But most will not and Crom definitely wont.


Then read this....Again it is not the truth .......But it is another start!


The fundamental connective tissue aspect, with regard to dimensions and reality. Why the ego, trapped in the past as connected to the body, the body...an organization of 'molecules in connectivity', how that operates in the past.

How it can only operate in the past and is thus reactionary only. A history reader and assessor, if you will.


Define real.

Define reality.

Good luck with that.

Gets right back to the idea of all is now on a 2D timeless field....history is sensation, recollection, artifact and artifice, it is all we 'measure' ..as scientists cannot measure 'now', no matter how they try. It cannot be done.

All measurement is historical, all recollection, all memory, all act as reaction, is historical....there is no 'read' of now, even though everything contains a component of the now 'fulcrum 2d sheet pairing/moment'.

And thus projection...... is future.

It's a 2D timeless quantum field/sheet, all connected, where micro differential is the entire manifold system. Intelligence and information, no difference.

It is not a simulacrum, in that sense, no. It simply is what is, in this space and place, in this view. since we all project reality, our future, from analysis of all that is history, in this giant 2D quantum differential sheet of now, what you believe is real, what you project is real. Due to coupling effects, some modicum of regularity is available, in the fabric of intelligence and in the geometry of angular vibrations and their couplings - that we call elements.

Time, space, gravity, all easy concepts. etc. Remember how much energy is said occupies one cubic meter of empty space. Enough to boil the earth's oceans. Infinitesimally small differentials in the 'atoms', or in this case, prima-matter, dark matter, and so on..... this defines space-time and gravity, atomic lattice structure, etc.

We (our idea of reality) are a resonant bubble of dimensional leakage coming off the 2D dimensional dual vortex (in/out) fulcrum point in each atomic particle.

This, of course, directly leads to the understanding that we are a mirror of ....an angle of...a sub resonance of...an uber/meta resonance of.... we are analogous to.......to......!..other dimensions, other energetic patterns.


Thus.... you are controlled on how the ego reads the past, which becomes the projection of a future, and the control loop is closed. All rolling on a thunderous moment of multidimensional now.

Would you like fries with that?




So define "Reality" ....go on all you who consider "Science" as your God!


Define that which YOU consider as 'real'?


To go with the audio (which 99% will not listen to as it is NOT creating a dopamine hit)....Read this (which is also not correct but gets closer to a truth)....




Most of this doubles back to ego issues as this one point is a fundamental reflection of the ego's influence as it describes, in a nutshell, the connective tissue and constructional details of the emergence of the ego in the human mind.

And the point being, is that this is the exact point that is holding mankind from breaking into direct knowledge and direct internal affirmation of the reality of a giant hidden war that is against man.

This whole spiritual revival and advancement of man also hits this exact nail on the head. So, in essence this is one of those 'nexus points' in this ongoing process 'where the rubber meets the road', so to speak and the point at which much will -and is- happening.

Recognition of this point is critical , with regard to recognizing it's true shape, existence, and it's influence in the mental and physical process of coming to terms with the current world AND internal processes of the correction of mankind into something more evolved.

One cannot make a positive move forward without a quality and critical review of the truth of the base information that is in hand -before the move or action.

We can and do all tell ourselves at times and recognize the same in others..that, at times, in certain situations 'we cannot deal with' the emotional ramifications of a given situation.

The very point here, is to understand the core actual reasons, so we can begin building a knowledge base of how to deal with the core actual reasons for this situation of inaction that exists in man. What the point is, is the 'internal hierarchy' that man uses to confront and deal with issues.

For example, we cannot mentally ruminate on a problem until we have an intellectually grasped information set with which to actually commit the act of 'thinking and grasping', ie to cognate.. -upon.

Now, in the origins of the human mind, the design parameters and how we 'come up' as children and then into adulthood also play out on each and every action we commit to or problem set we consider.

The important point to understand is this specific point is manipulated and used by all business, corporate, military, religious, and political machinery in existence today.

Now for some of the more salient bits.

The organization is one of reptilian mind core, the baser actions tied to direct stimulus input, ie the base programming of action- reaction. Burn cut, pain, the base reaction of withdrawal. and all associated similar functions that are without intellectual input. Then comes base condition, reaction, ie base emotions. hungry-cry. pain-cry. Fear -cry-shake. etc. Then comes the higher emotional sets, like desire -motion toward. reproduction, needs for furthering existence, etc. Hungry eat, desire, sex (but not yet established in childhood but needs to exist as part of the system from the get-go). Then the idea of communication beyond the base desires and fears, where we begin learning the art of communicating our emotions. Some could and some do equate this with the baser aspects of primal or primate function. Ie, some of us calling our kids 'little monkeys'. For good reason.

Then we get into the beginnings of verbal communication and that is where the base problem or item in question that is part of the issue, begins to evolve into existence. We learn to talk, but we are still talking through the voice of the primate functions, as our capacity for deduction, through the beginnings of the understandings of time, begins to take shape.

As we finally, for most of us, around the age of 5 begin to understand the concept of death, we also look around and see the shape of the adults is notably different than our own. We begin to understand 'moving to' and 'coming from'. Ie temporal flow and us in it. Going to toy store. Daddy coming home, had breakfast, waiting for him to come home. Sleep later, etc. organized temporal flow with direction.

It is at this point that we begin to institute the idea of the ego into our minds via the hearing of the voice in our heads as us 'thinking things out', for the first time. We finally ascend into rumination and thought that is outside of immediate communication of emotional and animal base issues.

And the ego develops, it develops from the internal conversation created in our minds that is derived from and based on our emotional parameters. In essence, our internal voice, the ego, is based upon and emanates out of our emotional core of being. So, in essence, every thought we have, came from an emotional base. Emotions shape our very thoughts and thought process.

And thus our very idea of being is permeated or stinks of, our emotions. All, no exceptions. The point being that the internal voice is not intellect, it is an emotional origin system and has little to noting to do with intellect. The intellect can reflect upon it and the emotional base will form the thought into a pattern of internal voice emanations. But the intellect is not speaking, the emotional origins of the base animal is what is 'driving'. The intellect is using the extant tool that has been created through the learning of the animal to have a communication or 'voice box'. So, the ego is the 'voice box' tool of the animal hierarchy that has been learned as a set pattern in the wiring of the psychical mind, through the given individual child-growth process. The intellect is forced to use it as a in-out information gathering and expression point, that is all.

Hopefully you can now see that the internal voice is ego and body derived and is not intellect.

So one can then understand the very important point of knowing of this distinction. Thus the very critical function of evolution in man which is the dumping of the ego construct for true intellectual control of the human embodiment of soul. However, the ego, not having intellectual constructs to work with, having only a voice or pattern expression aspect to it's construction- deals with fears and desires. The intellect uses it for patterned bits of communication, ie voice, but the ego is not thought or intellect itself. Meaning, the voice in your head reading these words, is not the intellect or mind itself. Iit is the learned-patterned communication system that is derived from the base system, this evolved communication system that we call the ego construct.

Now, even as adults, when we reach out into the world, into hidden unknowns, we reach out with the ego construct and it's emotional and animal origins. We reach out with desires and fears, to attempt to organize the fundamental points of our mechanical system of origins with respect to preservation of the body or vehicle..FIRST AND ALWAYS. Each and every thought emanation of the internal voice has to pass the test of safety and or danger. ie fear, desire, etc have to pass first, and no exceptions.

Thus.... the understandings in our minds that we cannot think when we are emotional. Emotions are part of the internal mechanism that shapes our ego derived voice, so the voice is silenced during emotional passages, as the emotions are in charge.

Recall, ego is NOT the intellect or higher function. it is important to understand that you should not allow the ego to speak for the intellect. even though,as you exist now..it most specifically DOES, as you allow it. It is all you know.

This leads to the understanding that the voice in your head, the one you confuse with intellect... is actually..autonomous function, like sexual excitation, fear, desire, pain response and is not intellect or higher understanding and thoughts. It is exactly that and those things, and it is, through fear of death and destruction, shaping your every single thought and intellectual rumination,and/or every attempt to logically understand the world around you.

So, to circle around to the beginning, it can maybe become clear to the reader that the point of keeping one in a state of unknowing of the shape and purpose of the enemy, which appears to be within society,among us....is that the emotions will rule the intellectual process of deduction on the part of the individual....and the emotions will do their best to keep the individual safe and happy though fear and desire.

The autonomous function of the body is dictating to the individual that these things cannot be real as doubt exists (reach out into unknowns through the base animal system, recall the hierarchy of the decision tree in the human animal) in the mind and thus emotions are ruling the intellectual thinking process. Remember that the intellectual process is also colored by emotions, and at the core level. The ego underlies and shapes every thought.

Which is why it needs to be sublimated and taken out of the path of thought. mankind, right now, in this hidden war, due to the point required for doubt to be removed -not being there, is being ruled by emotional considerations ruling the intellectual process of understanding the shape and face of the enemy, and also the point of...if the enemy itself -even exists.

Which is why the war is hidden. They can rely upon your emotions to drive you into not dealing with these doubts and unknowns.....on the correct intellectual level.

They know you.




Do you comprehend what the above states? Most will not even listen nor read....but you ask me to "share"....to what end David?


And you ask me to bother with 'humans'....fuck em :)


definitely clicked. especially the part about doubt 

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however that was intellectually. the body knows things different and it doesn't make it incorrect 

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